Monday, January 12, 2009

Day One: Truth

As I've stating before I am reading On Day My Soul Just Opened Up. I am sharing a bit of my take ways with anyone that cares.

... It is the absolute...Truth is eternal, same today as it was yesterday... As individual awareness expands and embraces the concept of divine truth, the understanding unfolds.

I've spent alot of time believing that truth is relative. It is difficult for me to grasp that the concept of truth itself is concrete. That it is absolute. What is true today will be true tomorrow. This could be why I incessantly feel that all things are fleeting. I still cannot grasp this concept. The only thing that is finite is math. And then that can be manipulated. This leads me to question whether the lack of stability in my life is a result of these feelings or because of them. That is something that I will have to further work out.

" I have so many lies in my foundation." (p24) I, like the author, and like everyone in the history of life, have been fed lies since conception. ( I'm sure that I was lied to in the womb as well ) Some of the lies I adopted and struggle with today, others make up the fabric of MY TRUTH, some things I just knew were bullshit but I let it rock any way b/c I was just supposed to eat the shit that was fed to me by certain people. I am pretty sure that these people had good intentions but the methods were just wrong. I realize now that they were just afflicted with the same type of well meaning people that they have become. Life is cyclical like that. ( That is one truth that I have come to realize. Like I said, there are very few things that are concrete for me. See I am learning.)

Now, I started this book a few days ago. Yet, I am stuck on Day 1. I've gone on to Days 2 & 3, but I continue to return to Day 1. This was obviously what was indented by the author. It is not explicitly stated, but I am sure that there is a method to the madness. Now, there can be several reasons for this. It is quite plausible that truth this the cornerstone of the other 39 lessons. I mean how can one grasp any of these as life lessons if they are no in the mind set that they are THE TRUTH. Or, it could be a subconscious way of her setting the reader up to accept her word as what is truth. Therefore, setting up for the acceptance of her arguments for the rest of the book as TRUTH. If you tell me that I have already been programed to accept lies as truth then you make me think that you are telling me what is truth and I will be more apt to accept that as such. HA. Did you get all that? That's how the mind works. It makes things more complicated then they were ever meant to be. We are programmed to think that we have to work hard for everything. Nothing is innate. If that is the case, why were we given instinct, gut feelings, or whatever the fuck you want to call it?

So suffice to say that I was wary of this who truth thing? I was compelled to question "Whose truth are we talking about?" Then I came across a phrase that rang true for me and make me less apt to write ole' Iyanla of a purveyor of bullshit.

"You must do your independent investigation of truth... When you are courageous enough to examine and challenge those things that you have been taught to accept as truth , you cannot help but find the truth behind the accepted meaning."(p25)

Okay. So I gotta find truth on my own. Now, I've been on a truth kick for a minute but it was of me attempting to find , as I mentioned earlier, " my truth." As this point, I am question whether there is such a thing. Is there anything that is true for me that is not true for anyone else in the world? I don't think so. There is the major fallacy in the whole my truth thing. There is nothing new that pertains to Ms. Jones only. Of course there are different experiences that mold our thought patterns, but can that she called truth? Obviously not because of does not fit the definition.

There are 9 Truth Postulates. There is on in particular that really hit me hard.

"We've got nothing but time and it is on our sides. This is why we continue to be provided with the opportunity to repeat and re-create our lives."(p27)

I am a strong believer that lessons with keep coming up in life until you past the test. Things will continue to happen in different forms over and over again until you are able to deal with them appropriately. We are too effing silly and self-important to realize there is always a chance to make amends or change your situation, or break a cycle. ( see above where I said everything is cyclical.)

So that is my take away from TRUTH (at least for now).

Thank you and goodnight.

-Trophy Wife.


Licklemslady said...

Ya know...i think you and i are on the same trip. I can go on and on about my truth journey( but im not). You've got a new follower :). Feel free to reciprocate