Friday, December 12, 2008

Open Letter Friday

Dear Person's Who Keeps Doing Stupid Shit,

I am always and rarely amazed by the stupidity of most people. I tend to wonder if this level of idiocy is innate, learned behavior, or due to a lack of teaching altogether. In any case you are too old to be so damn stupid. To let a drug addict that spent years abusing you back into your bed, no questions asked is rid-damn-diculous. You are 55 years old. One would think that you would be wiser than these knuckle headed young girls that are running around here with knucklehead no good men/women. He left you to lay up with another common dope fiend. When she got sick of him, you let him back all up in your mix. You did not even demand that he take a shower. After all the shit that you talked. After all the times he disrespected you. He put his hands on your kids. He just walked into your living room with his hefty bags. You simply cocked your head to the sid, took a drag of your ciggarette and said " We got Kool-Aid." as he walked himself to your room, took off his boots and demanded a steak with his Kool-Aid.

My grandmother used to tell my that a half-a-man is better than no man at all.



Conscious Observer of your BS


Dis Chick said...

See what you did!! Do you see? Now I gotta go and write about my repeat offenders who keep doing stupid shyt. This is the year of the Drag-on. I am high steppin. Please drag-on with that stupid shyt. You dirtying up my fresh moped floors.

Dis Chick said...

See what you did? Do you SEE? Now you gonna hafta make me go and write about my repetitive stupid shyt doing people. It's getting outta Nuvo can't block me from the madness. Keep up the good work!