Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Christmas...or Damn Close

It feels like Christmas in the Trophy Wife household. It is so exciting that there are only a few hows before I nan call Barack Obama my president. Even more importantly, I will be able to call Michelle my first lady. She will be the fiercest thing in the White house since Jackie- O. Do not get me started on how adorable it will be to see Malia and Sasha playing on the White house lawn with some random, newly acquired dogs. This is truly is a family affair. We are not only electing a BLACK president. This is a BLACK family. I'm sure that this will not undo all the damage that has been done to the representation of the BLACK family, but it is a hell of a step in the right direction.

On the night that he clenched the Democratic Party nomination, I felt an undeniable sense of pride in my spirit. I was on the cusp of tearing for 3 days straight. Today, I know we are about to witness something great. It's almost like I feel some type of filial relationship to my man Barack.

4 years ago when Barack won his senate seat, I was in college. Of course for Writing for Radio and Television class, we just had to cover what struck us most about that election. Always the oracle, I wrote about the young Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. After that assignment, I went on to write several OP-Ed pieces on how I just KNEW that this man was going going to be our president on 2016. Okay, maybe I'm not a great oracle, but dammit I knew. I felt it in my soul. 2008, WHODATHUNK it!!!!

It is an amazing and beautiful thing. Right now I'm just waiting for everyone to wake up so that we can all run dowstairs our open out gifts.