Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This is the most difficult thing in the world when the people around you are inconsiderate. I have no idea whether they are just assholes or are they are attempting to sabotage this for me. I am leaning toward the latter. Ween I shop for food I buy the food that I NEED to be successful in this diet journey as well as the food that everyone else eats. I specifically request that people do not eat certain food that I set aside for me. I have gone as far as to hidu food and put a special box in the fridge with my name on it. Nothing works. These gluttonous assholes eat their food and mine within 24 hours of it coming into this house. It is so frustrating to go to the market and feel proud of buying heatlhy foods just to have that and everything else gone when you go to eat. Or when I take the time to plan out meals so that I'm less tempted to eat bullshit someone uses all the ingredients in their haste to be a jackasses.

Really, I am great at fucking up on my own. I do not need any help in that department. Thanks but no thanks.

GOsh, I wish I could do this by just not eating. It is sooo difficult.

- Trophy Wife


~Tammy said...

That is frustrating and annoying as hell! Sorry for the ignorance that surrounds you!

Could you shop daily on your way home from work? Or get a little fridge for your room, with a lock and key? Do you live with roommates or family?

So sorry this is happening to you!

Licklemslady said...

Yea i know how that is as well, i lived with two brothers. One of which would take anything that wasnt his especially food. Usually hungry n in a rush labels and designated food only aid his inconsideration. So instead i hid things in black plastic bags with tight knots. He usually didnt have the patience to look for anything. Maybe u can try doubleing up on black plastic bags n make them as inaccessible as possible. Sucks that u have to resort to these measures but some ppl just lack respect for ppl's stuff and some never change(my brother)